Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I upload files?
A: Please give us a call at 360.293.3515 to gain access to our file upload system. You may use the “Request a Quote” form to submit a basic proof of concept, but this should not be used to upload the files for your actual project – this is just for a review while we get you a proper estimate. Images should meet the requirements of size/quality per chosen product. For example, Boxes may be able to use lower resolution files but Shades will require large, high quality images.

Q: What file formats do you support?

Q: How big does my file need to be?
A: This is dependent on the service or product you’re looking for. The general rule, however, is the higher the resolution, the better. Contact us with what product/service you’re looking to have done and we can give you the exact requirements.

Q: Do you provide assistance with the design?
A: Of Course! If you need additional design work, let us know what you’re looking for and we can help. We’re a full-service design shop.

Q: How long are your turnaround times?
A: Naturally this depends on your product or service. On average, please expect 5 business days to the ship date, and up to two weeks for shipping time. For an accurate estimate, please give us a call with the size and scope of the project.

Q: What is large format printing?
A: Anything larger than 11″x17″ is “large format printing” – and we’re set up to help you with all your larger needs.

Q: What kinds of media are available?
A: Metallic Photo Paper, Velvet Rag Watercolor Paper, Canvas, Soft Polyester Fabric, and more.